When To Be Spontaneous and When To Be Sensible

There are many times when being spontaneous with the love of your life - or the love of right now - can be a romantic and very intimate thing, which is something that many couples lack, and sometimes the reason that long term relationships fail.

But when should you be spontaneous, and when should you be a bit more

levelheaded? How can you really tell when it's romantic, and when it's not only aggravating, but simply bad timing?

A Weekend Getaway

You see in the movies the romantic, in love couple, just randomly jumps in the car and goes off to some beach for the weekend. No plans, no agenda, sometimes not even a destination in mind.

This is great... for the movies, that is. However, in real life, this situation just doesn't work.

When you want a spontaneous weekend getaway, try to be a little more sensible. Plan ahead, and make it a surprise - have a destination in mind, and check with her agenda to see if she has plans. She's going to feel forced, and unhappy, if you make her miss an important meeting for your little 'surprise'.

In The Bedroom

When you're in the bedroom, you're rarely sensible - but that's just a part of being human. However, this is how many couples keep the spice in their relationship long term.

Being spontaneous in the bedroom is a perfect example of it, actually. Trying new things at a drop of a hat is something she'll not only find exciting, but stimulating.

Make sure she's comfortable with it before you go forward, though... nothing is going to make her feel worse than being pushed into something that she just isn't comfortable with.

Going Out

Being spontaneous and going out somewhere is a great thing... to a point. However, going out with a destination... that can sometimes be asking for trouble.

Always have a destination in mind, even if it's just a strip where there are several clubs or restaurants that you've been wanting to try. Driving without a destination leaves you hungry and cranky, which is never good. Or sexy.

For Romantic Dinners

Never, ever, under any circumstances, have a completely spontaneous romantic dinner. What are you even thinking??

It will end up like this;
A) You go into the kitchen.
B) You see that you have three eggs, a box of Mac and Cheese, and some garlic salt, along with bread, and half a pineapple that has been there for way too long.
C) You try to make said romantic dinner, and your food ends up flaming on the floor.

It's never a good situation. At least plan a day to two days ahead, so that you can buy what you need, and have everything ready. Trust me, it goes down much, much better!


Use your head. Know when something is good - and when something is just a bad idea. Don't be fooled by Hollywood's portrait of being spontaneous, and never, ever do something without making sure that your girl is completely and totally okay with it.

If she's not okay with it, it shouldn't happen!

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