How To Build Trust In A Relationship

Trust is one of the most important things in a relationship today - so many people are doing things that they're not supposed to be doing, it's hard to trust a person, even if you love them.

But can you really love a person, without trusting them? It's a vicious cycle that can turn you around in circles, which is why building trust is vital. Without trust, there really isn't a relationship.

Here are a few simple, easy trust building activities to do in your every day life that will promote communication, trust, and a good, balanced lifestyle.

Talk About Your Day

A good rule is to cut out a half an hour each night and sit down with the other person. It doesn't have to be a half an hour - it can be two hours, or five - but you need to have some time with each other each night.

During this time, you should talk about how your day went. What you did, what happened, and what you're going to do tomorrow. Talking about the simple things, like your day, can do so much more for your relationship that you even realize. The first step to losing trust, is losing that communication of the little things.

Make Sure Her Needs are Met

You need to ensure that her needs are met, if not exceeded, by you - this makes you sure that she's not going to go with anyone else. If she can get it better at home, why would she go anywhere else?

This, again, takes communication, and a willingness to be completely vulnerable and let your needs hang out in the open. Share what you desire in her to be a good partner, emotionally and physically, and understand what she wants back from you.

While you can't expect to be her everything, you can try to meet them to the best of your abilities. Even if you fall short, your efforts will not go unnoticed... trust me on this one!

Ask Questions

Don't be afraid to ask her questions, because the only way you'll learn is to ask. But what questions to ask?

Well, the basics - where she's going, who she's going to be with, etc - are a given. You're not her parent, but knowing where she is... it's important, and if you know where she's going, you might find you're more willing to let her go.

Meet her Friends

Does she go out every Friday with a group of friends? Maybe out after work with a few people? It's hard to trust your gal going out if you don't know who's she's going with, so remedy that situation.

Meeting her friends isn't something weird, and it won't make you a jealous idiot - knowing who she's going out with is quite important actually, and makes you an informed partner. If you know who she's with, it can make you feel more at ease - just another step.


Building trust is important, but it also takes a lot of work. Be ready to put time into this, and know that it's not going to happen overnight.

Don't be afraid, though, and remember that the first step is letting yourself open up to her. If you can trust her, your relationship will improve.

Get more tips on how to make a relationship last here.

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