How To Get Her Attention

You're in a crowded bar, or walking through the mall, or even just down the street, and you come across this girl. She's pretty, and –oh jeeze, did she just smile? The sun just came out…


She's perfect, and you want to talk to her… but how can you get her attention? Just walking up and talking is a good strategy… but what makes you stand out?

It's the problem that all guys are faced with… how can you stand out – and I mean really stand out – so that you grab her attention from the other side of the room, and draw her to you?

Put a Funny Hat On

Women are impressed with guys who can dress. Unfortunately, most of us guys are born without a fashion gene (And those of us who were born with it aren't interested in women, anyway). But dressing nice doesn't take an expert, just a little time.

Go shopping with a girl you know and trust, and get her opinion on your clothing choices. For a casual look, make sure your jeans are clean and flattering to your figure, and wear either a polo or a clean tee shirt. Avoid paint splatters and – God help you – acid wash at all cost.

If you're not sure if something looks good, don't go with it. Everyone likes a clean, smooth look… tailor it to your look, but don't go crazy.

Take Care of Yourself

This seems to be something so obvious, but some guys just don't think of it – and it's hard to get into a habit when you're not used to it.

Always take care of yourself, because women love a guy who knows how to look good. Keep your teeth brushed, your hair combed, and your clothes clean. Avoid jumping in dirt piles when you're about to hit on someone, and keep mints in your pocket at all times so you always have something to cleanse your breath after a meal.

Remember to keep your hair washed, and don't use those $1-for-the-big-bottle brands. Spend a few extra bucks, and get a good quality shampoo. If you have dry, or oily hair, try Head and Shoulders. They have an expensive, but very good, line out now that gives your hair a great look.

Don't 'Act', This Isn't a TV Show

You're not on a TV show, or in a play, so why are you acting like a character around her? You're not going to catch her attention by being an ass, nor are you going to make her swoon by putting on a tough guy attitude.

Girls have this weird sixth sense – they know when you're trying to pull the wool over their eyes (Metaphorically speaking, of course), and they hate it. Women can tell when you're being someone else, so just be yourself… I was once told by a woman friend of mine that it takes more guts for a guy to be himself when he's talking with a woman than it does to put on an act.


Something different works for every woman, so experiment with new things. Avoid over used and abused pick up lines, and be yourself when you're talking to her. Don't get discouraged if you get rejected, too, because she could just be having a bad day.

And never, ever try to hit on a girl with ratty old jeans on and a shirt you wore three days in a row. You won't like the effect you have on her.

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If you want to try out some cheesey pickup lines to get her attention check out our list of the top 5 pickup lines.


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