How To Avoid
Awkward Silences

We've all been there – it's happened to everyone. A date is going great, and you're really into this girl. Your thoughts are premature, but you think this might turn out to be a rewarding relationship. She seems to be enjoying herself, too.

Then there's a lull in the conversation. You panic, crack a bad joke, and it gets worse. The silence between you two is horrible, and suddenly, it's not a fun or exciting date… it's miserable, and she's bored.

What is she going to remember of the date? No your good conversation before that, the fact that you opened the door for her, or that the meal itself was wonderful.

She's going to remember the silence. The awkward, miserable, deal breaking silence that encompassed your date.

How can you avoid this mishap, and keep her wanting more of your company?

Watch the News Before You Leave

When you feel a lull in your conversation nearing, break the silence with commenting on something you heard, but keep it light – like the human interest story on the cute puppy pulled out of the well. A topic like the president, a war, or what the political parties over in the Middle East are doing isn't the best dinner talk.

If you don't have cable, you can surf the web and find some interesting stories. Not only will you look good because you stay on top of what's happening in the world, but you'll sound smart, too.

Learning to Listen Makes More Conversation

Discover the joy of listening – and I mean really listening. If you learn to pay attention to your date, you'll find that you both make better conversation with each other.

Actively listen, and common on what she talks about. Women love to be listened to, and besides, you'll learn a lot more about your date than you would otherwise.

Take Note of Your Surroundings

Take notice of what's around you, and what's going on. Pay attention to the people, the atmosphere, even the tables, and make comments on what's going on.

If it's something serious, like 'Didn't you just love that painting when we first came in?', or something light and easy, like 'Don't you just hate the rain? What's your favorite weather?'.

Not only will you have decent conversation that can lead places, but she'll be impressed that you're so observant. Women love a guy that pays attention to what's around him.

Keep Open Ended Questions At Hand

Don't do something embarrassing like write them down – but keep the open ended questions ready in your mind for a dull moment. Questions that lead to other discussions, like 'Where did you grow up? What was it like there?', 'What do you do for fun?', and even 'What's your dream weekend getaway?', are usually considered best.

This usually keeps conversation going for quite a while, and you both get to know each other more. Make a mental note of her favorite restaurant, foods, and places to visit to surprise her later.


Keep conversation flowing by listening and commenting back with sincere, interesting comments. Don't make her feel like she's talking a lot, but at the same time, don't hog the conversation.

The only way you'll ever be good at avoiding awkward conversations, however, is going out and doing it a lot – so keep those girls, and that conversation, flowing.

Even if everything goes well sometimes you can still get rejected, learn how to deal with rejection here.


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