5 Ways to Get That First Kiss

Are you a fumblin' fool when it comes to dating, and just not sure when to kiss, where to kiss, or how to kiss - so you end up never getting that first kiss from that great girl.

Worse, if you don't take a chance, she might be seeing you as 'just a friend'. So when and where can go for that spectacular kiss?


After The First Date…

You should go for the kiss on the first date, if you two are getting together well - why? Well, if you don't, she might worry that you're not interested. And a woman worrying is something that you just don't want to deal with. It can ruin a relationship before it begins!

Walk her to her door, if possible, or go for a short walk around the block. Talk about something quietly romantic, like the sky, the flowers, or the moon. Something that's easy to say nothing about, and can be quietly enjoyed.

Watch her body - if she's fumbling with keys, taking her time to get in, and shifting her weight, go for it. Cup her cheek with her hand, lean in, and place a gentle, but loving, kiss on her lips.

At The Movies

Are you two watching TV, movies, or at a movie theatre, and you want to kiss her? Well, first, you should put your arm around her - sounds simple, but guys do so many stupid things regarding it, like yawning and stretching, or inching their way around.

Do it like you know what you're doing - this is your girl, and you can put your arm around her if you want to. It shows that you're asserting yourself. Then, get her attention - not with 'hey', but moving closer. When she glances over, look into her eyes, and lean in until she gets it.

It's quite simple!

Be Alone

Are you in a club, and just can't wait to kiss her - and you're pretty darn sure she feels the same way? If this is your first kiss, don't do it. No, I don't care how spontaneous you think it will be. Don't. Take her hand, lead her outside the club, pull her to you, and kiss her.

There is a rule that all men should stick to;

Never give the first kiss with anyone else around.

Simple as that.

Simple, Random Kisses

The first kiss doesn't have to be in a dark movie theatre - and it certainly doesn't have to be after a date. In reality, a kiss can be almost anywhere, and mean just as much, or more.

When you're resting after a long hike, or sitting with each other over coffee, make sure to remember that the moment is moving slowly - don't rush in, don't jump the gun, and never kiss her before you touch her. You should be holding her hand, her cheek, or have an arm around her. Period!

While Walking

Have you ever felt the urge to kiss a girl while you two are strolling down a street, or in a park? It's not unusual - and she probably feels the same way that you do… and there's nothing wrong with that kiss. Just make sure she wants it to.

Her reaction to a touch longer than three seconds - like a hand on her arm, or you holding her hand - should be positive before you even consider going in for the kiss. If she can't handle your hand on her, she won't handle your lips!


Make the first move, and be a man. Don't be afraid - if you screw it up, just move on. Make the next one better than the first!


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