Dating Tips For Shy Guys

Dating seems to come naturally for some guys. It's like they're born with it, or something. But with some guys, especially if they're shy, it just doesn't come to them. Dating tips for shy guys are usually few and far

between, too. Most websites and books presume you're outgoing and good looking, and have no trouble just walking up to a woman and professing their undying love.

Well, for us guys who can't muster the courage to ask that cute girl to pass the salt, there's hope. I've compiled some dating tips for shy guys that I myself have found helpful, so that you don't have to worry… I've got to covered.

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Your Secret:
Women Love Shy Men

It's true, I'm not making this stuff up. Women simply adore guys that are shy, and honestly I'm not sure why. It's something about the way we act, think, blush, and smile that just drives them crazy… and it's been shown that most guys that are shy actually make a better man in a long term relationship.

This is your secret weapon – remember it every time something happens, positive or negative, with a girl. You are what the majority of women want, so don't lose that shy, quiet, introverted side of you.

Taking Small Steps

No one expects you to be the next great pick up artist by tomorrow, so don't expect it of yourself. Instead, start small, and realize that it takes time to become good with women.

Start with just a smile to the hot – and even not so hot – girls around you, whether it's in the mall or in a club. This makes you look approachable, and friendly. You might even find that you run into a girl who doesn't mind coming and talking to you first, which is great experience for making conversation.

After you're comfortable flashing a smile, you can start going up to women, just saying hi, or even just starting a small conversation and then going away… you don't need to get her number just yet. Work on being comfortable approaching first.

Women are People, Too

A lot of guys, and this is something that dating tips for shy guys make note of a lot, put women up on a pedestal. They tell you to see women as this untouchable Goddess of sex and beauty, but really, it's sort of silly.

Women love feeling special, and cared about, and love being treated well… but over-sexualizing them, or attaching a special significance onto them, makes them uncomfortable. And if you start to act like they're above you, they're going to start to feel like they're too good for you, too.

Instead, treat women like an equal – they're people, and most women will respond to being treated as a real person a lot better than some sort of Goddess sent from heaven.


Most dating tips for shy guys are crap, and tell you to change. You don't have to change, because there's nothing wrong with you the way you are. Be yourself, be friendly, and open up a bit.

What's the worst that can honestly happen?

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