How To Approach
Women In Groups

It's something that every dating book you'll be able to find will tell you not to do, especially if you have little experience with approaching women. It can be more nerve racking than introducing yourself to the hottest woman in the bar, and then blurting out the worst pickup line ever.

It's approaching a group of women, in case you didn't know, and it's not a fun thing to try. Why you would even want to torture yourself by approaching a group is beyond me.

But there are guys out there who, for one reason or another, find themselves faced with a quagmire. Do they let that group pass them by, or do they approach and see what happens?

Why Is a Group Less Approachable Than a Single Woman?

It's something that some women don't even mean to do, and the majority don't notice it – but when women are around other women, they often put on airs. Guys do it, too, but we'll deny it to our death beds. Simply put, women act different around other women.

Often times, this will including rejecting a man at first glance. For most of us, if we go in without knowing what we're doing, there's trouble. Best case scenario is that we get curtly and politely dismissed – worst case is that they're humiliated to the full extent.

It's tough, and it probably will never be very easy… but you can arm yourself with some things, so when you do approach a group, you won't be castrated on the spot.

Know Why You're Going Up To Them

Before you walk up – know why. Are you going because the girl on the left, in the pink top and blue jeans, is cute, and you'd love to talk to her? Are you looking to just hang out with them?

Know your objective going in, and work from there to that goal. If you go in blind, you'll be fumbling, and not know what to do or say. Women can be like a pack of wolves – they'll tear you apart.

Don't Put on an 'Act'

A lot of guys try to be 'all that'… the cocky, sure kind of confidence that they think every girl likes. The problem with is that your cocky confidence comes off as fake, mostly because it is, and a woman knows when you're acting fake… even if you can fool one, do you honestly think you can fool five, eight, or even ten?

Instead, be yourself. It takes a lot more guts to be yourself in front of women then it would to put on an act, and they certainly realize that.

Single a Girl Out

Eye the crowd before you go to take the plunge. Know what girl you want on your arm by the end of the night, and have a 'back up' in mind. This means if, for one reason or another, she's not interested in you, you're not standing there looking like an idiot.

Having a 'back up' girl also means that, if she brushes you off or has a boyfriend, you're going doomed to going home alone. Besides, attractive women often flock together, and it never hurts to have a back up plan.


It's going to be hard, and no matter how smooth you are, or how good you look, you're going to get torn to bits at least once. Remember that the groups opinion isn't a reflection on the girl, and chances are, if you approach her alone, you'll get a better response.

But it doesn't hurt to try, and you never know… the bigger the group, the more chances you'll have of going home with someone special.

If you worried that she may be taken then check out this article on how to tell if she is single.

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