The Art Of Flirting

Flirting - it's that elusive thing that everyone seems to know how to do but you... figuring out exactly what to do, how to flirt, and how to make her know that you're interested without ever saying it is hard, and most men, believe it or not, have no idea how to flirt.

That's why this article is here - the basics of the art of flirting is right here in front of you. With patience, a little work, and some practice, you can be one of those guys that every else envies for the way you're so smooth with women.

Body Language

Paying attention to her body language, and being able to respond, is very important - if you can't know what she's feeling in an instant, there's no point in approaching a woman, or trying to flirt at all.

Remember a few easy keys,

  • If her legs, or arms, are crossed, it means she's closed herself off, and unwilling to answer more probing. If you're talking about a touchy subject, or pushing her for something, back off.
  • If she's interested, she's going to do something with her hands. Twirling rings, playing with hair, and touching her chest are all important things to keep in mind, and watch out for.
  • If you're standing and talking, and she's not facing you, she's uninterested.
  • If her eyes are darting around the room, she's looking for an escape. Keep her captivated on what you say.

Keep Your Self Esteem Up

Up, I say, up! It's important that you keep your self esteem high, because if you feel bad about yourself, you're not going to be a very good flirt at all... confidence, even fake confidence, is half the battle.

If you're having trouble feeling good about yourself, try doing small things to feel better. Go to the gym, for one - guys who feel good about how they look usually feel better all around.

New clothing can definitely help, so when you go out where great girls will be, put on a new pair of jeans and a shirt that you feel good in. Make sure you put on a nice smelling cologne to smell good, too.

Don't Take it Too Seriously

Be light, friendly, and make sure that you know it's not a game, or a race, but something that you're doing for fun... if you take it too seriously, it's going to get frustrating.

Instead of counting the women you go home with, count the women who smile at you, or talk with you - and remember, even if she's not interested, it doesn’t mean that it was you, and it certainly isn't the world. There are literally hundreds of thousands of single girls out there right now.

Use Common Sense

Using your common sense is something that's important, too - so you know the obvious things. Things like,

  • Where it's appropriate to flirt. The mall, and bars, are great... funerals are just creepy!
  • What jokes to make. Sexual jokes, or talks about sleeping with them on the first date, aren't usually the best conversation starters.
  • What to talk about. Discussing what's around you is good, because it shows that you're attentive... she doesn't care about your last doctors appointment!
  • Don't be creepy. She doesn't want to hear stalker like comments - gentle, observant compliments, like 'you have beautiful eyes', or 'I love that scarf' are a lot easier to swallow!


No matter who you are, or what type of women you like, you can be a good flirt - just remember to not lose sight of the fact that you've just met this woman.

And practice is the key to doing anything well, including flirting. So get out there and practice!

There is a balance in a relationship, if you appear too needy you may push her away, learn here how to stop looking desperate.

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