Online Dating Site - Are
They Worth Trying?

Online dating is huge – over twenty million people have an active dating profile on one of the many dating sites on the web, and all of them are just looking for companionship, love, romance... it's a massive market.

A lot of people try to figure out if using an online dating site is something they want to do, or if they'd have better luck online. There's a lot of stigma against dating sites, big and small, and it's hard to look past it when considering the sites.

The Basics on Online Dating – The Websites

The first thing you need to do if you're considering dating online is looking at sites to go to. You can set up a profile for free at many, but it's usually best to bet a paid membership. For the most part, you can't do much with a free one, and it's a lot easier.

Expect to pay between $10 and $35 a month, though it is cheaper to buy in 'bulk' – several months at one time. Usually you can buy three, six, or an entire year, and you get large discounts.

There are a lot of different sites to choose from, and they have good points – and bad. eHarmony has been widely publicized, and they're attempting to be the end-all dating service... the truth is, they're not too bad.

After paying a ridiculous amount in fees, and filing out a form that basically asks you to dissect yourself in front of them, you get presented with their top matches, based on what they think your personality is. While it sounds fairly lame, and the lack of a browsing option is depressing, the fact remains that they have one of the most appealing women to men ratio online – about 71 women for every 100 visitors.

One of the most popular online sites is Jdate, and it's better than the rest for a reason. While most sites – like Yahoo! Personals,, and even have a large amount of men, and even more women.

Setting up a Profile

All systems have the same basic setup, but you should seriously consider writing a unique profile for each membership you have. Something could be different – if a woman is one site and discards that profile, she could find something she likes in another.

You'll probably want to put a lot of time in your profile, too – after all, it's all your prospective mate has to go on when it comes to you. Make sure to go over it several times, and spell check it at least once. No one likes a guy who can't spell his own favorite team.


If you can look past the hefty fees of online dating, and the sometimes miserable navigation of sites, you can find some amazing people… and at least a few really great friends.

Don't discard it without trying, and make sure to put serious time in a website before you say it doesn't work. You'd spend a few nights at a bar before you get a girl, right? Same principle!

There's a dating site that many visitors and subscribers have used and have connected with dates. You should check it out here!

If starting to meet people online is not your cup of tea then maybe you could try speed dating.

Or go for free dating tips for guys to go back to the main page.

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