Stop Looking Desperate!

It Kills Your Chances


"Baby, please... come back to me. I miss you, sweetie. I need you."

"Hey, it's Robbie again... I've called you like, five times today. Are you ignoring me? Call me back... please..."

"You want to go out now? I don't have anything to do... oh... well, if you change your mind, I'm going to be home all night. You have my home number, right? Let me give it to you again... here's my cell... and my email. And my AIM screen name."

Do any of these sound familiar? They should - it's the act of a male being what most women refer to as 'desperate' or a date. And it's not a good thing. Most people think that a woman wants, or needs, a 'clingy' boyfriend, and acting like this is something that interests them.

Trust me. It's not.

Looking desperate actually kills your chances of,

• Getting a Date
• Getting her Back
• Making a Long Term Relationship


Women don't like men who are too desperate. You might wonder why women always go for jerks - it's because they don't act desperate, and they don't care if you go out with them or not. I'm certainly not telling you to act like a jerk, but trying to give you an explanation of what happens in a woman's mind.

What are the main things to remember?


When talking to her...

Don't make a date unless it's 2-5 days away. Really, don't make it for that night, or even tomorrow. But why, you ask?

It shows her that you're not doing anything, and you're presuming that she's not doing anything, either. Not only does that diss her, and her social life, but it tells her that you don't have a date. If she thinks you have plans that night, you sound like you've got it 'going on', and that your life is together and full. She likes that idea, trust me.

If you're Trying to Get Her Back...

Stop calling. Stop texting, stop sending flowers to her apartment, and stop crawling into that bottle every night. That's not going to get her back, for one, and for another you're looking like a desperate idiot.

Cut off contacts with her, but talk to mutual friends. You have a great life, now, without her. You miss her sometimes, sure, but yeah, you're getting on. You've been scoring pretty big with the ladies, right? And you're feeling good. Even got a raise.

Don't lie, because that makes you look like a jerk - experience interesting, and new, things to gloat about. You'll look great, and she'll be extremely jealous of your new, interesting life without her. Best case scenario is that she's going to be calling you - worst case? You met a bunch of new girls, and you're having a great time.

If you're in a Relationship...

Don't call her every five seconds. Women hate their men checking up on them, for one, and they certainly don't appreciate being badgered. If she's at work, school, or just at home, let her be.

Make sure to never call her more than twice a week. She's the woman, and if she wants to talk to you, she's going to call you - while it's ridiculously important to have good communication, calling excessively is not only a bit creepy in her eyes, but is an act of desperation.


Don't be desperate. There are plenty of fish in the sea - you don't need her, for one, and you're going to lose her if you act desperate! Watch what you do, and what you say... you'll be fine. It's not hard to not act desperate, if you work at it a bit, and you can break any habits you might have with women.

Remember to pay attention to her body language to learn if you are creeping her out or bugging her too much!

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