The Best Places To Meet
Your Future Partner

It's hard, figuring out where you can meet quality women… not just one night stands, either, but real women that you might just have a future with. It's something most men don't talk about, but it's something all of us want.

Finding a good girl who cares about you doesn't have to be a pain, though – you can find someone special… you might not even have to look too far to do it!

Online Dating Sites

Don't balk, and say that it's only for lonely old women, and creepy old men… online dating is actually a great place to meet someone special, no matter your age, or appearance.

One of the most popular online sites is Jdate, and it's better than the rest for a reason. While most sites – like Yahoo! Personals,, and even have a large amount of men, and even more women.

There are around 71 women for every 100 visitors, which means there are a ton of women on the site. But there's a reason – most guys either want a quickie in their area, or they don't want to sit down and fill out the 'compatibility survey'. This will literally take you an hour, so make sure you have the time when signing up.

eHarmony doesn't let you browse any profiles you want, though. They send you 'matches' based on the survey you've filled out in the beginning, and you can send those matches a message.

If you're one for being in control, try a dating site like Yahoo! Personals. Their search engine is incredible, and you can narrow down exactly what you want in a person – from interests, age, location, and more.

Finding Singles in Your Area - Harder Than It Sounds

It can be harder than it sounds to find a good relationship with a single in your area… but it can be done without the use of the internet. You just might have to work harder!

The mall is a great place to find a longer relationship… you can go to a bar, but the women there are more interested in a one-night-stand than a long term thing.

Approaching women during the day is easier than it sounds, too – be ready for rejection, as women get hit on hundreds of times a day, and put your charm on. Never take it personally, of course, and always be yourself as you're talking with them.

Pick up lines are lame and overused – avoid them at all costs, if you're looking for something a little more meaningful than a romp in the sack. They make a guy sound cheap, and worse, older.

Instead, compliment her, ask her a question that's related to what she's wearing – like, 'That's a great scarf – the color really sets off your eyes'. Sometimes, if a woman wants to meet someone new, she'll wear a 'prop'. This can be a hat, scarf, purse… something that attracts attention. Let her know her prop is working, without so many words.


Finding someone right for you takes time, practice, and skill. Don't expect to find the love of your life overnight, and it's going to take work… the first girl you pick up might not be 'Miss Right'… but that doesn't mean the next one isn't going to be it. Keep at it, and you'll find someone for you.

Now you know the best places to meet women you need to know how to get her attention.

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