Top 5 Pickup Lines

Ever been in that perfect situation – you know, when you see her there, and you’re ready to go up and talk to her, everything is perfect (including your new, clean shirt and fitted mostly clean jeans), and you open your mouth…

..And the first thing that comes to mind is a pick up line you heard in fifth grade, that you tried on Christina Apple, who there after pushed you in the mud and called you a loser. Remember that?

Well, if you tried that tired old pick up line yet again, you probably got about the same reaction. Instead of using lines that every woman has heard, try something that will get – and keep – her attention.

Great Pickup Line #1:
“Do you work for UPS? Well, I could have sworn I saw you checking out my package.”

Ever notice, if you’re in a bar or a club, a woman eyeing you from across the room? Chances are, if she hasn’t made her move, she’s not going to – she could be shy, or just the type of girl who isn’t interested in hitting on a man first.

This not only gives you the upper hand in the conversation, but starts up a good conversation.

Great Pickup Line #2:
“Hi, I’m new in town, and I’m having trouble finding my way around. Could you give me directions to your place?”

So, the line is lame. We’re aware of that – and she’s going to be aware of it, too. But if you’re new around the area, or even just visiting, it’s a fun line that’s not threatening at all – she won’t feel like she’s being pushed around or that you’re some creep, and she’ll probably laugh (If she has a sense of humor).

This line only works if you’re new in town – don’t use it in a bar that you’ve been to every Friday night for the last four years, or you’ll come off lame.

Great Pickup Line #3:
“You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.”

Corny, childish, silly… qualities that she’ll actually find incredibly attractive! When you’re approaching a woman, you have to realize that she’s heard nearly every line in the book, and she’s seen guys do some of the worst lines in the world.

Most women who frequent bars are tired of men who take themselves seriously, and love a guy who knows how to make her laugh. Remember to follow the line up with a few great, also slightly corny, jokes.

Great Pickup Lines #4:
“See my friend over there? Yeah, him? Yeah, he wants to know if you think I’m cute.”

Original? Check.

Cute enough to make her smile? Check.

Lack of insulting dialogue? Check!

She’ll love this line – no matter what type of girl she is. Many women get bored with lines that insult their intelligence, and this is a fun, light hearted pickup line that she’ll appreciate.

Great Pickup Line #5:
“So… what pickup lines haven’t you heard tonight?”

This one is really great – in just a sentence, you’ve told her everything she needs to know about you. She realizes that you know that she’s been hit on all night, and that you don’t want to be like the other guys around there.

It will also allow you to strike up a conversation that’s fun and easy to work with – she’ll love it!

Sometimes you can’t work your skills as the lady you are interested in is with her friends, don’t worry though – check out these tips on how to approach women in groups and you will be sweeping her off her feet in no time!