Speed Dating – What The Heck Is It? 

Speed dating – you might have heard of it. Maybe from a friend, ex girlfriend, or even just something on the TV or online? It doesn’t matter where you heard of it, really, but that you know of it; and that you’re interested.

Speed dating is basically like going on twenty to fifty dates in a single hour. It’s intense, a little nerve racking, and a lot of fun.

The Basics

The most common speed dating practices are easy to get used to. A large group of women sit down at small tables by themselves, and they have a card. Each card has many numbers on it – the numbers represent the men.

The men, then, come into the room, and are each assigned a starting place. If you’re man number ‘ten’, for example, you can start with woman number ‘fifteen’. You also have a card with the numbers of women with you.

Usually you get five minutes, though anywhere between four and eight is common, to get to know the woman in front of you. You both can talk about anything you want – from movies to sex, video games, animals… whatever turns you on.

At the end of the set time, you mark a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ around that women’s number. ‘Yes’ means that you’re interested in her, thought she was cool, and want to get her contact information so that you can get to know each other more. ‘No’ means that you just weren’t interested – she might be a nice girl, yes, but there just wasn’t any chemistry there.

The gal has the chance to circle either ‘yes’ or ‘no’, too; if you and she both circle ‘yes’, you get her contact info in a few days. This mostly just includes a phone number and an email address, but will sometimes include more. It all depends on the service.

After your time is up with the first gal, you hop to the next table, with another woman. This same scenario repeats itself until you’ve seen every single woman at the event. There can be anywhere between ten and thirty women at the event in just one night, though numbers have been known to reach 50 or more, depending.

Speed dating is incredibly intense… getting to know each and every woman, and competing against the men around you. If you want to get a few ‘Yes’s’ circled, you’re going to need to be able to stand out.

Conversation Starters

Stop and think for a moment – this woman in front of you has just talked to fifteen other men, and chances are, they’ve asked the same thing. ‘What’s your name’ and ‘Where do you work’. Most women hate repeating themselves, so being asked the same thing over and over again can be a great annoyance.

Try something new, instead – after introducing yourself, ask her what she likes to do for fun. See what her hobbies are, and what she does when she’s not working.

Don’t use the same tired lines over and over… she’s head them a hundred times, and doesn’t want to hear them again from you, no matter how good you look saying it.

Be Interested in her Interests

The first thing she’s going to remember is if you two liked the same things… really. Personality wise, it’s important for her to find a man who likes what she likes.

So instead of talking all night about how you played football in high school, how your best bud may or may not be with your ex, or how your one friend accidentally broke your leg ten-odd years ago (It’s been ages – let it go!), ask her what her interests are, then stay interested. Really listen to what she has to say, and ask questions to keep her talking about it.

Final Thought?

Speed dating is incredible fun – don’t be fooled, it’s not for ‘losers’ or ‘desperate’ people as some seem to be spouting on the ‘net. It’s an awesome way to meet people, get to know others, and really learn more about the people living around you.

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