Are Relationships At Work Asking For Trouble?

There’s that cute girl down the hall that’s been eyeing you when you get up to make copies – there’s the adorable chick who works in the office next to you that always sends you a smile. It’s the same old song and dance, and thousands experience it each day.

It’s attraction at work – and there’s no way avoid it. You can’t help feeling attracted to someone, but there’s a fine line between attraction, and trouble. Is having a relationship at work just asking for trouble, or can it be done?

In some situations, it can be bad – but in others, it’s just fine, and can even be good for it. Just look at it critically.

Check the Rules

Some companies have rules against dating those that you work for – which is silly, but it’s true. You should check in an employee handbook for the details on it, and if your relationship could get you fired!

How Closely Do You Work Together?

Is your love interest your boss? Are you their supervisor? Do you work as equals, or do you even just work on other sides of the building?

This is a serious question to ask yourself, because it could be asking for trouble. You shouldn’t date your boss, and you certainly shouldn’t let your love interest date their boss, even if it is you. Why?

Well, when – not if – your co-workers find out, it can quickly breed jealousy and hate, especially if one that is lower than the other suddenly gets a promotion. Even if it’s well earned, it can scar her career and yours.

If you find her that attractive, ask to get transferred to another place, switch bosses, or even look for a new job. But dating your boss, or being the supervisor dating those working under you, is just begging for a whole batch of trouble.

Keep It Low, Keep It Quiet

Did you jump in head first, and your love is, indeed, a co-worker? That’s okay – because if you’re working together, or in other parts of the company, that can be nice.

But you need to keep your relationship under the radar. Most companies frown on interwork relationships to start with, as they sometimes feel it detracts from the ‘work experience’. But more over, it can make other employees uncomfortable.

So no matter how strong you have the urge, don’t kiss in the public work place, don’t touch, and if you can, try to avoid each other’s longing glances or butt squeezes. It draws too much attention, and may get you in trouble.


Be careful with your working relationships, and avoid them if you can – but if you truly feel that attraction, there’s not much you can do about it. Keep it low, keep it quiet, and try to make sure that you’re always work appropriate.