How To Talk On The Phone To Make Sure She Stays Riveted 

So, you met this girl. She seems like a great person, a great girl. And it seems like she likes you too – which is just awesome, without a doubt. So you get on the phone with her, and it seems like it’s okay… there are a few awkward moments, sure, but it’s only because you two don’t know each other very well.

Then it happens. The silence comes, and it smothers you conversation. Suddenly, her best friend is on the other line – she says she’ll call you back ‘later’.

You’ve lost her. You can try calling again, but either the same thing will happen, or worse – she’ll simply ignore your call, and voice mail.

Sad, but true. It happens to a lot of us, for one reason or another.

How can you learn to talk on the phone better?

Have a Joke or Story on Hand

Jump online, and go through a good joke site. Pick up a few, and write them down – or type them out in a separate document on your computer, and keep them handy.

If a silence ensues, crack her up with a good joke – bypass the ones that are corny, no matter how much you like them. Most women just won’t appreciate your humor!

If you can’t find much online, head over to your local bookstore and grab a book of jokes. They never run old, and it’s a lot of fun to go through them!

Watch the News

The news can be your biggest ally when combating silence of any kind. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – watch the news and read the paper for interesting things to say. Women love men who can keep up of what’s going on in the world.

Don’t be afraid to look online for what’s going on in your area, watching the news instead of the game, and picking up the paper to see what’s happening.

Talk About Your Day

Women like when they can feel like they’re really talking and sharing with one another. If you feel a lag coming in conversation, open up and talk about your day with her.

Try not to focus on the bad, especially if you two haven’t talked much before. Women don’t care for negative men – focus on the funny moments, or the especially good times.

In turn, chances are she’ll share some of her day with you – it can almost become a ritual that she’ll appreciate, and you’ll enjoy.

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be nervous when you talk to her on the phone, and keep her attention by letting it all out and being your self. That’s the key to keeping her attention – just being yourself.

Talk to her about anything that comes to mind, no matter how stupid or silly. From what you’re doing to what happened to you a few hours ago, the game that you’ve been dying to play and the interesting and slightly disturbing thing your friends did last time you went out to eat.

She talks to you because she wants to know more about you. Don’t disappoint her, or there might not be another conversation.

At some point you are going to need to meet her parents, and they can have a huge impact on your relationship!