Reading Body Language to See if She’s Interested

No, body language isn’t the noises that you can make after you’ve eaten four bean burritos and you’re stuck in the car with some friends for a five hour ride. It’s much less disgusting, and much more subtle.

Basically, we all speak in body language. The way we move, and react, can tell another person anything they’ve ever wanted to know about you, including if you’re interested in them or not.

So how can you read this subtle, but there, form of speech?

The Hands and Arms…

What is she doing with her hands, and her arms? Pay attention! Don’t be distracted at what’s below the neck and before the stomach, it’s the arms that really counts here.

Think – is she fiddling with her keys while you’re dropping her off after the first date? It means she wants you to make a move – kiss her on the cheek, or lips if you’re daring.

Is she touching her chest with her fingers gently, or holding her hand there? It means she’s riveted on what you’re saying, and wants to hear more. Most of the time, it’s not a conscious thing, but she’s definitely interested.

If she’s smoothing her shirt, pants, or dress, pay attention to it. She’s interested in you, and wants to look her best – even if she doesn’t consciously realize it, it’s true. This is something a lot of girls do, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for it.

The Hair…

Most girls center themselves around their hair. It’s sort of stupid, but it’s true – if a woman has great hair, she feels great about herself. When she’s around a guy, one of the first things she’s going to feel self conscious about is her hair.

Keep these in mind, because it’s a great sign that she’s attracted to you, and wants to look her best.

• If she’s twirling with her hair, it means she wants you to take notice to it. You don’t have to say anything – she’s basically just letting you know that she’s attentive, and interested.

• Is she running her hands through it? That can mean that she’s nervous about how it looks, so she’s primping herself by smoothing the messy strands.

• If she’s putting it up, and then down, and then up again, it means she’s nervous about how it looks, and wants to look smooth and sexy.

The Legs…

Yes, you now have an excuse to pay attention to her legs (Like you ever needed one). Her body language is probably the most subtle, and most important, in her legs.

Why? Well, because they’re the most important part of her. So pay attention!

Is she shifting her weight from foot to foot, unable to keep still? She could be nervous, and anxious to be around you – or she could be bored, so pay attention to her other signals and well.

You know when she’s ready to go if she’s standing with her side to you, feet in the position to walk away. You know she doesn’t want to go if she’s facing you straight on, with her feet planted.


Body language can be like common sense, so sit down and pay attention. Learn from your mistakes with reading her, and know that not all women are the same… sometimes, her fiddling might just be her fiddling.

Of course if your conversation grinds to a halt reading her body language is useless!