Don’t Be Clingy – Or You’re in Trouble

Clingy-ness. Cling-osity. Clinger. Klingon – No, sorry, not quite that last one.

What do those three words have in common? Something that you shouldn’t be, that’s what.

Many guys are desperate to be in a relationship – and when they meet a woman that seems interested in them, they tend to cling to her in a way that is not only unattractive, but almost ‘creepy’ in a woman’s eyes.

Learning how to not cling to a woman is an important step. If she thinks that you don’t need her, she wants you more. And besides, who really, truly wants to be clingy?

Don’t answer that question.

Don’t Call Her 1,000 Times a Day

The first sign of being clingy is keeping in contact way more than you need to. Don’t call her several times a day – don’t call her several times a week, even. Once to twice every week is enough, trust me.

If you talk too much with a girl, especially in the early stages, on the phone, you’re going to run out of things to talk about. Fast. Women don’t like men to call numerous times. It’s annoying to them, and makes them uncomfortable.

Don’t Be Too Available

“Hey, my friend skipped out on me. Want to go out tonight?” The answer? “Sorry, I’ve already got plans.”


Being available at the drop of a hat isn’t good, because it shows her that you’re willing to push plans, and friends, out of the way for her. If you haven’t known her that long, it’s weird… she might even think that you’re a ‘loser’ for not having plans, even though that’s just a stupid assumption.

Don’t do it then – but make solid plans for several days in the future. You should not ever be the guy she calls when she has no one else to go with. Be the guy that she calls when she wants to go somewhere.

Don’t Be Too “Creepy”

There’s not a fine line between being a gentleman and being creepy. There is, in fact, a huge, gaping chasm – and you need to learn the difference in order to avoid the clingy routine.

This tip is very general, but use your head. Don’t breathe down her neck when she’s making choices, never ‘randomly’ pop up somewhere because you really did hack into her online day planner to find out where she’s going, and try not to search for everything about her online before your first date.

There are just certain things to not do. Try to keep them in mind when you’re doing things if it’s ‘creepy’ or ‘odd’. Think about a TV show with a couple. If he wouldn’t do it there, you shouldn’t do it.


You don’t need her. You don’t need to be clingy to be cool – and she certainly won’t like you more if you are. Remember that it will hurt your blooming relationship, and more often then not, she’s going to just say goodbye before anything gets off the ground.