How to Tell if She is Single

The biggest question guys have when they’re flirting with a woman is how to ask them if they’re single, without sounding pushy or too interested. It’s almost like a balancing act – figuring out what to say, and how to say it, so she knows you’re into her without being creepy and overbearing.

It’s a hard balance, and if you’re not used to dating, you might have some problems. But it doesn’t have to be that difficult – and you don’t have to make a fool out of yourself doing it.

If You’re Going to Ask…

If you want to phrase it as a question, there’s a few ways to do it – and you should only pick the one that works with your personality. If you’re a shy, quiet guy talking to her, she’s going to be taken aback if you use the forward, rough approach!

Be Forward

Are you a forward type of guy? Going for the cocky, cool approach? There’s nothing wrong with that – but you need to ask her if she’s single in just the right away, so she knows you’re into.

Is there a lull in the conversation? Look her directly in the eyes, and very calmly, simply ask ‘So, do you have a boyfriend, or do you fly solo?’. It’s smooth, it’s easy to do, and it will make her interested in you a lot more.

Sensitive and Caring

If you’re a sensitive, caring type of guy who loves to let a woman know that she means a lot, this is a great way to show it. Not all women will respond as well to this, but most women – especially those that love to be treated with care and respect – will fall head over heals with this.

“What a beautiful smile… your boyfriend has to be the luckiest man in the world.”

(If she’s commented on something) “You’re so perceptive, your boyfriend must love that about you.”

Not Sure What You Are?

The easiest way to ask a girl if she’s single is to just bring it up in a conversation – don ‘t sound like the eager beaver, or the creepy guy who only talks to women because he’s looking for a lay.

Be Casual

Women get suspicious when you ask if they’re single, and feel that the only reason you’re talking to them is because you’re interested in getting into their pants. Even if that is your reasoning, she doesn’t need to know it.

If you’re going to all out ask, be casual about it – don’t make it a big deal, and if she does have a guy to call her own, continue talking with her. The worst that could happen is that you gain a friend who’s a girl, so you not only can bounce date ideas off of, but get advice and such from.


If you don’t make the question a big deal, it’s not. A lot of men work up to it, and think it’s the most important question ever, and women feel awkward because of it.

Be casual, don’t let her know it’s a big deal, and add it with a smile. If she says yes, remember not to look bummed, or just up and leave… she’s a person, she has feelings, and she’s probably enjoying talking with you. While it’s never alright to steal a girl from a guy, you never know how solid their relationship is – it could be that it’s the sort of boyfriend that will be gone by tomorrow.

You never know!

Now you know how to talk to her and you know if she is single or not, then learn here how to read her body language.