How To Deal With Rejection

It’s tough. Rejection is one of the worst things that guys on the prowl for women have to go through, and sometimes, rejection can be so very soul-crushing that it makes us want to throw in the towel, board up our windows, and send out a mass email to everyone we know letting them

know that we’re becoming a shut in, and they can drop food off between 9am to 8pm Monday through Saturday.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. We can all learn, no matter how sensitive we are, to handle rejection with grace and ease… we can at least stop bawling in the middle of the bar when a girl brushes you off (You know who you are!).

When You’re Rejected… For Conversation

Ever go up to a girl a try to strike up a conversation, just to be stepped on like a piece of gum under her stilettos? Yeah, welcome to the club; we all have.

We all also have the habit of over analyzing it, too. ‘Did she say no because my shirt looks funny?’, ‘What did I do wrong?’, and even ‘I’m a complete failure as a man’ can run through our heads.

Stop – before we thing those overly depressing thoughts, take a moment to consider it. You have no idea why she rejected you… it might be because she has a boyfriend. It could be because she’s had a bad day, and didn’t want to talk to someone, because she knew she’d just get upset.

Or it could be something else entirely – like she’s about to leave, and has been hit on/harassed enough for one night.

Whatever your thoughts, do not, at all, ever think that it’s your fault, unless you tripped over her brand new Coach handbag, fell onto her table, and pushed her $10 fruity mixed drink into her lap and all over the ‘sexy’, $300 mini skirt she was wearing. It’s always good to hone and improve your skills, but blaming it on yourself does no one any good.

When You’re Rejected… For a Relationship

So, you’ve gotten to this girl – you’re not ready to start confessing every skeleton in your closet, but you want to get to know her better, if you get what I’m saying.

You think it’s the perfect time, the perfect place, and you ask. You ask her to be your girlfriend, however you want to put it – out, dating, courtship, for a romp in the hay, whatever.

And she says no.

It can be pretty harsh, and make you feel pretty bad about yourself, and your personality. But don’t think it’s you – never think it’s you.

You don’t know everything about this girl, and as we all know, girls have too many layers to count most of the time. She could have a thing for girls, or be into something you’re not, or simply just not be ready for a relationship.


Rejection sucks – there’s no way around that fact. But it doesn’t have to be horrible. Don’t ever take it personally, and don’t look at yourself first, but look at her. You can never know what’s going on in her life, and her mind, so don’t blame it on yourself.

And always get back in to try again… if you don’t play the game, you’ll never win.

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